Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Priviliged Whites? = Bigotry from Pervisionary Libs

Whites (I'm Italian) Are the UN-Privileged.
UN-Privileged Whites having to pay for others school, food, and "entitlements"
UN-Privileged White having to pay for all their schooling
UN-Privileged Whites having to carry the water for NBA players (no white's allowed)
UN-Privileged Whites for having to "go it alone" while helping others
UN-Privileged for being granted the right to take responsibiity for Obscene behavior
UN-Privileged Whites for being shot when in the wrong neighborhood
UN-Privileged Whites for having to avoid "black" neighborhoods
Un-Privileged WHITEs for not have a Free Lunch...
UN-Privileged Whites speaking honestly

UN-Privileged...If I were Black, I would of had a free education

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